Aeropak Conform Spray
Basic Information

Item: APK-CC-01

Barcode: 692343256203

Can Size: 400ml

Net Weight: 285g/10oz

Package: 12pcs/ctn


Aeropak Conforming Coat is one component light yellow transperent liquid, made from epoxy resein and other polymer elastic components. Aeropak Conforming Coating Spray has strong adhesion and small stress. Its dry film produces no free-radical and has no corrosion to electrical components. The paint film is heat resistant up to 130,when it will be soft but will not drop and thus has no harm to insulation of paint film. The product has good stability to acid, alkali, salt and other chemicals, and has excellent performance in moisture proof, insulation, electricity leakage proof, shock proof, dust proof, corrosion proof, aging proof, corona proof, etc.


It is widely used in hybrid integrated circuit, automotive electronic control board, electronic circuit board, aviation instrumentation, soft printed circuit board, computer control board, industrial control board, semiconductor crystal line protection, home appliance controller, and other electronic parts. 

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