The angels and kings in I-Like
The angels and kings in I-Like
Dated:2013-08-22 Clicks: 191

There are only 22 days  leave  for Regiments Campaign,but we still keep going ,and everybody just have fun during on work,because we are playing a game that called The Angels  and Kings,which could bring  happiness to the players.

When we are playing this game,everyone has two status,one is angel,another is king.And the angels has to take good care of  the kings  silently,it means  the kings has no idea who is his/her angel.That’s the key point of  playing this game.

Everybody just show love to each other and  care about each other,that really is a game that full of  love,but the time is still counting,what should we do is to cherish  and fight for our goal.

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